What is NADA Auricular Acupuncture?

Michael O. Smith, MD, Dipl, Ac, psychiatrist and acupuncturist, developed the wellness protocol of NADA.   Dr. Smith is recognized worldwide for his expertise and understanding of balance and energy through acupuncture. The wellness protocol is also known as the NADA protocol and is used by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, founded by Dr. Smith, for the treatment of all addictions and compulsive behaviors by facilitating balance and wholeness in the body, mind and spirit. Other treatments include releasing anxiety, depression, PTSD and  pain management. This protocol is used worldwide.

The NADA protocol is used in releasing many PTSD symptoms Military Veterans encounter on a day-to-day basis.

A trained acu-detox specialist will place five tiny, sterile acupuncture needles of the finest filament steel available in each ear. Needles are left in for 30-45 minutes. There may be some slight discomfort at the time of insertion. This will pass quickly. Occasionally, some lightheadedness may occur. There also may be some slight bleeding when the needles are withdrawn. The five points that will be used are:

*Shenmen or Spirit Gate- used for calming and relaxing. This point connects body, mind and spirit, which in Chinese Medicine are considered one.

* Sympathetic - used for relieving tension. It also has a calming effect on the digestive system.

​* Liver - used to detoxify the body and emotions.

* Kidney - used to strengthen the body. This allows release of fear and the ability to access the body's wisdom.

* Lung - used to help open respiration. This facilitates the inhalation of pure fresh air and emotions and exhalation of impurities and release of negative emotions.

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Pain Management                                                                         Anxiety

Depression                                                                           Panic Attacks

Stress Reduction                                                            PTSD & Trauma

Super Learning                                                                        Relaxation

​Guided Imagery                                                                       Meditation

Self Hypnosis                                                                     Fear of Flying

Insomnia                                                             Adapting to Menopause

Comfort for Arthritis                                             Improve Study Habits

Relaxation for IBS                                         Obsessive Thoughts/ OCD

Imagery for Wellness                                               Harmony in Chemo

Harmony with Radiation                                         Pre Surgery Anxiety

Harmony with Dialysis                                         Post Surgery Recovery

Sports Hypnosis                                                Improve Public Speaking

Relieve Test Anxiety                                                     Self Improvement

Symptoms of ADHD & other Learning Challenges

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​​Many physical conditions are caused from trauma and stress related issues and can be relieved or reduced by the use of Hypnotherapy.

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