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           Maggie McMullen, is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Holistic Psychotherapist and owner of Counseling for the Brain, Body & Spirit, L.L.C., located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. As an advocate for women, she specializes in all abuse issues, helping victims of trafficking and other controlled situations, grief & loss, military veterans, seniors, and displaced or homeless. As a Trauma and Addictions Specialist, Maggie has nearly 20 years experience in working with groups as well as clients with Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Attacks, Anger, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Students from preteen through college have gained self esteem and self confidence in dealing with their transitioning stages by developing the skills taught during sessions. She has helped clients transition gracefully and respectfully into their later years.

Maggie incorporates meditation, guided imagery, art, music, exercise, nutrition, reading, journaling, self hypnosis, Reiki and NADA acupuncture into talk therapy.           




 Additionally, Maggie has worked both home and abroad with Military Veterans and their children and families gaining a valuable understanding of how they are affected by the challenges associated with military life.

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Maggie is a Certified Core Superviser for Limited License Master Social Workers  who are required to obtain 100 hours of supervision in preparation for the State Board Exam. Her profile is listed in the NASW Directory.